About Us

Welcome HoiAnfreeTours, where we strive to create a unique and beneficial experience for all involved. Formerly a student volunteer organization establish in 2011, we initially focused on organizing free tours to the countryside, aiming to meet and interact with tourists while facilitating cultural exchanges and practicing foreign language skills.

Having successfully operated for 12 years, our organization has evolved significantly. Today, our team consists of dedicated Professional tour guide who have graduated and pursued careers in the tourism industry, accumulating a wealth of experience along the way

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  Free Tours

   Paid Tours


This section provides answers to common questions. If you cannot find the answer to your questions below or have urgent enquiries, please contact us.

“Free tour” means that there is no fee for the guiding services provided. The tour guide benefits from practicing their English skills, engaging in cultural exchange, and supporting local communities.

“Pro Tour” is a paid tour that is conducted by professional tour guides who were previously members of Hoi An Free Tours during their time as university students.

Use online booking function by click the button Book Tour. (Please read all the information related to the tour before sending it).

You will receive a response email from HAFTs within 2 hours after the time of your booking. In case of no email, or you have any urgent request, feel free to contact our Tour Operation Department via chat button at the bottom left.

You can rest assured that your personal data is used only for the purpose of the tour. Beside encrypting each booking via SSL protocol, we take all necessary measures required to keep all your personal data secured.

Just be open and enjoy yourself. HAFTs team members also look to have memorable experiences with you, so it would be great if we could talk and share like friends.

We will confirm it when you submit the booking.